Braid hairstyles for black women 2013

Braid hairstyles for black women are widely famous trend in US and Latin countries, because of its practical look and long lasting shape.

Braid hairstyles for black women begun in Africa as a local tradition and distinguished trade mark for many local African families, and after many years during civilization transition from Africa to the new world this style became a trend for Afro American ladies and Afro American men too.

During the development of Braid hairstyles for black women many sub styles emerged from the main style like “Sisterlocks” , “Dreadlocks” , “Afro wigs”. And many other newly invented styles that appear every day.

Traditional braids

Traditional Braid hairstyles for black women are suitable for silky black hair, because it is not looks shaggy while curly hair will result to unwanted volume and look.


Sisterlocks is the most famous Braid hairstyles for black women ever because it is very practical and lasts up many times more than the traditional braids, in addition to it is very suitable to curly original Afro American hair nature.


Dreadlocks become in the second place after Sisterlocks in Braid hairstyles for black women ranking , it has more than sub style like synthetic dreadlocks and natural dreadlocks, synthetic style depends on artificial materials and fake hair tufts while natural Dreadlocks  made by natural hair.

Afro Wigs

Afro Wigs is a quick made style as you buy the suitable wig and put it into you natural hair and you are done, the main advantage of the Afro wig that you will not make any changes to your natural hair and you will get your Braid hairstyles for black women in few minutes.

Afro Caribbean puffy hair style

Afro Caribbean puffy style has the same African Origin like the above mentioned styles, but it is not depending on braid more than hair section but it is depending on twist hair tuft separately to get perfect Afro Caribbean puffy hair style.

Braid hairstyles for black women infinite loop never end, see you soon.

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